On 21st October from 22.00 to 23.30 BST (UTC/GMT+1) – please join this interactive Zoom session where we will start by exploring your core values in relation to how they connect to our framework of three of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Peace, Partnership and Well-being.

The crux question is How do we remain true to ourselves and our core values during the current pandemic?

Peace is our context. Partnership is our methodology. Well-being is our personal outcome and results.

Throughout this session we will have a well-known and respected presenter from Brazil, Moema Viezzer, who will engage us on her experience in focusing attention on these three sustainable goals, how she has lived these values, including the challenges in doing so.

We will have additional opportunities to engage with each other. Your voices will be encouraged to connect your values to how you are now, as well as how you will be as you live these three goals in your life and within your community.

We always end our sessions by asking for your “CALL TO ACTION” as a way to focus your attention on what matters the most to you.

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Organised by  Wisdom of Hardship Circle, an initiative of the Coalition of Manitoba Cultural Communities for Families Inc. (CMCCF)





Gerlinde Mayr-Meissner Born in Austria, studied English and German Language and Literature at Vienna University, teaching English and German at a technical college in Vienna until retirement, focuses on the role of women in society and in technology. Married, two grown-up sons.





Inês Medeiros is a global citizen by option, and evolutionary facilitator by conviction, and  dedicates her time and energy supporting leaders and their teams in systemic transformations as founder of Values Move in São Paulo Brasil, Global Partner at Barrett Values Centre and by cocreating learning ecosystems of values driven leadership for a more open, fair and loving world where all living beings have opportunities to expand their gifts and thrive in harmony.





Moema Viezzer from Brazil, is a sociologist (M.A.) and popular educator internationally known for her engagement with social issues, particularly within the feminist and environmental movements. She is the author of various publications. The first one “Let me speak…” an oral history based on Domitila`s testimony – was translated into 14 languages. Her last publication is about “Abya Yala” – Genocide-resistance-survival of more than 70million people from the First Nation in the Americas. Moema is also committed with dissemination of the Earth Charter since 1992.