On 21st October from 09.00 to 10.00 BST (UTC/GMT+1) join Michael Solomon at Responsible 100’s Zoom workshop.

In the words of Alex Steffen: “Climate and sustainability professionals should be at the very epicenter of innovation and strategic learning within institutions, businesses and communities. They rarely are.

That’s because in most settings, climate and sustainability professionals are not getting paid to change important things, they’re getting paid to protect important things from change.” CSR, ESG, impact, purpose, values-led – none of these concepts or approaches to doing (better) business appear to have stopped – or indeed even slowed – our slide toward extinction.

Radical change, at a breadth and rate that gives nature and humanity a chance, is critical. This has never seemed achievable. Until now.

Michael Solomon will explain Responsible 100’s formulation to enable businesses to escape from “business as usual” and realise their huge potential to deliver the goods and services we all need, at the right price and quality, AND contribute to society and serve nature and future generations at the same time.

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Michael Soloman has worked at the experimental edges of business responsibility for over 20 years, founding Profit Through Ethics Ltd in 2003 and the Responsible 100 initiative in 2012. In 2021, Responsible 100 was re-engineered and is now trialling tools to enable radical transformation in business, such that the existential crises we face demand. It enables any business to adopt the best social and environmental practices it possibly can, bespoke to its own particular needs and circumstances. It rewards and incentivises these behaviours creating a race to the top in business.