On 18th October in Euston, London UK the “Education for the Soul” this whole-day conference will play host to Headteachers and School Leaders from all over the UK to explore how leaders can successfully manage and respond to the growing complexities and emotional demands of School Leadership.

Viv Grant, Director of Integrity Coaching, the conference host, says: “World Values Day is a day when we can all make a stand for what we believe in. It is a day, when through actions big and small we can help to make the world a better place. At this year’s Education for the Soul Conference, we are seeking to embody ‘support’ as a key value. As we seek to ensure School Leaders feel fully supported to achieve the vision that they hold for themselves and the communities they serve.”

The conference will provide a unique opportunity for School Leaders to openly and honestly discuss the challenges posed by the changing education landscape – the depleting school budgets, the rise of business values and the growing accountability, public scrutiny and workload that Heads now have to contend with on a daily basis.

With a series of workshops, expert talks and roundtable discussions, the day has been designed to create a nurturing, collegial and supportive environment where they can develop new solutions and strategies for overcoming these challenges – whilst having the chance to share support, expertise and build meaningful relationships with like-minded Heads.

Above all, the day will aim to help school leaders take the first steps towards transforming their leadership story and writing new and exciting chapters for themselves, their school and those they lead.

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Main Conference Video – https://youtu.be/5tSTVAhqY2Y

What are Education for the Soul Conferences? – https://youtu.be/ZbcIBXmIDUc

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