20th October 2016 at Stockholm, Sweden. Seminar with Richard Barrett on The Ego – Soul Dynamics of Well-Being at Work organised by the Values Academy and United Spaces, in collaboration with World Values Initiative and CTT trainers in Sweden. The seminar will be in English.

On March 31st 2016 the Swedish Work Environment Authority brought in new regulations to reduce the impact of workplaces stress. The Authority’s Guide to Improving the Work Environment speaks of the need to regulate the work environment, but it fails to mention the key cause of work place stress—the culture of the organization.

In this workshop Richard Barrett will show how to measure the stress induced by a work place culture and will identify the core issues related to work place stress for different age groups and genders. Richard’s approach is holistic in nature. He explains how a failure to meet the ego’s needs and the soul’s desires contribute directly to work place stress.

This ground-breaking seminar draws on two of Richard’s most recent books—The Values-Driven Organization and A New Psychology of Human Well-Being.

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Seminar venue and timings and cost:

Stockholm: United Spaces, Klarabergsviadukten 63, Stockholm on 20th October 2016 from 13.30 – 16.30;  coffee and mingling from 13.00.

Cost : 800 SEK excluding VAT 

For more information and registration contact Patrik Andersson at [email protected]