In London UK, on Thursday 3rd of October between 13.10 and 13.50 near London Bridge.

Life or work can simply feel too busy at times and contribute to making us feel stressed, anxious, or simply disconnected from who we truly are. In preparation for World Values Day,  expert Sophrologist Dominique  Antiglio  will take you through a simple and unique combination of relaxation, breathing, body awareness and visualisation exercises to help you relax, recharge and discover how being connected to what you value most in your life can support you in finding the energy, calm and confidence you need.

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Dominique Antiglio is a qualified and globally sought-after Sophrologist, best-selling author and Founder of BeSophro, a London based Sophrology clinic with an online platform. She also co founded The Sophrology Network. She specialises in stress and sleep management, self-development and preparing for major life events. Born in Switzerland, Dominique was introduced to Sophrology at 15 years old to overcome health issues, learning early on the ways to positively connect with herself and embrace a new way of living. She trained with the Founder of Sophrology,  Professor Alfonso Caycedo in Spain. She is also a graduate of the renowned European School of Osteopathy in Kent, UK, and holds a Holistic Voice Diploma (UK).Her background in Osteopathy and her passion for the mind body connection deepens her understanding of Sophrology and how to best use it to support people through challenging times. Her book “ The Life Changing Power of Sophrology” and her expertise are regularly featured in the media.