On Thursday 15th October from 18.00 to 18.30 BST (10.00 to 10.30 PDT in Los Angeles) join Ada Velonis, Founder, Marmalade + Kindness and Ati Farmani, food scientist, health and wellness coach and founder, Ati Nutrition for a values-based cooking workshop.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted everyone’s needs and made us consider what we really ‘value.’ Now, more than ever, as we assess what is fundamentally important to us, we have an opportunity to explain values to our children and how ‘values literacy’ supports their well-being.

They will make a ‘fanouropita’ (a traditional Greek cake) and show how cooking with children can be an opportunity to:

  • Explore values through everyday activities
  • Promote an appreciation of diversity and inclusion by explaining the history of dishes
  • Understand nutrition and health
  • Create meaning, confidence and a sense of achievement  

This is a free event. Just join us on Instagram Live @marmaladeandkindness

Ada Velonis is an accredited mindfulness teacher and founder of Marmalade + Kindness, online mindful cooking journal. She has appeared on various podcasts and has been featured in several publications, including Vegan Food & Living UK. Her mission is to encourage people to find moments of mindfulness and creativity through cooking. 

Website: www.marmaladeandkindness.com 

Instagram: @marmaladeandkindness

Ati Farmani is the founder of Ati Nutrition. From food safety instruction and wellness tune-ups to recipe development for specific health issues, Ati offers a wide range of wellness coaching options for individuals, groups, corporations as well as classroom services for 2-12 graders. Fascinated by food’s dynamic healing powers, Ati combines her advanced knowledge of how food is grown, what it’s made up of on a molecular level, and what its nutrient values are, with her personal experience of eating her way to wellness. Globally, Ati has helped countless people live better, happier and most importantly, healthier lives.

Website: www.atinutrition.com  

Instagram: @atinutrition