On Thursday 15th October from 10.00 to 10.30 BST (20.00 to 20.30 AEST, UTC/GMT+10) join Ada Velonis, Founder, Marmalade + Kindness, for an interview with Melanie Weeks, MSc (Coaching Psychology) on:

  • Defining values and their importance to adults and children
  • How to define your values
  • How to help your child figure out what their values are
  • How we can live our values as individuals and as a family

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted everyone’s needs and made us consider what we really ‘value.’ Now, more than ever, as we assess what is fundamentally important to us, we have an opportunity to explain values to our children and how ‘values literacy’ supports their well-being.

This is a free event. Just join us on Instagram Live @marmaladeandkindness

Ada Velonis is an accredited mindfulness teacher and founder of Marmalade + Kindness, online mindful cooking journal. She has appeared on various podcasts and has been featured in several publications, including Vegan Food & Living UK. Her mission is to encourage people to find moments of mindfulness and creativity through cooking. 

Website: www.marmaladeandkindness.com 

Instagram: @marmaladeandkindness

Melanie Weeks is an evidence-based coach and facilitator who is passionate about creating a positive space for clients to be able to think, to be listened to, and to be supported in their change and development efforts. Her background in teaching and adult education has given her a solid understanding of learning and behavioural change, and allowed her to work with a diverse range of people. As a mother of three young children, she appreciates the challenge of finding meaning and purpose both at work and at home.

Website: www.connectthedotscoaching.com.au 

Instagram: @connect.the.dots.coaching