On October 21st from 19.00 to 20.00 BST (UTV/GMT+1) explore the power of love at an online workshop hosted by the Brahma Kumaris and the UK Values Alliance.

There are many inspiring sayings and songs about the power of love and how it is the answer to everything. Currently the world needs it more than ever.

But what exactly is it? Where does it come from? How can we increase its presence in our lives?

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Maureen Goodman and Ella Gregory in which we will explore some of the answers to these questions, and respond to questions and comments from attendees. 

Watch this event live: globalcooperationhouse.org/watchlive
Join it on Zoom: https://brahmakumaris-uk.zoom.us/j/97494607781?pwd=eTVSYW5jcHAreWVuRlBLU0JtWExkQT09 


Ella Gregory is an advocate for planetary and social wellbeing. At the moment she works specifically in youth advocacy for nature and young people’s wellbeing in educational environments. Her life is spent in dedication to fostering a peaceful, harmonious human presence on Earth, one where all can thrive and love permeates all.


Maureen Goodman is the Programme Director for the Brahma Kumaris (UK) and oversees the University’s activities in such areas as education, youth, women’s issues, interfaith dialogue and the environment. She is the University’s representative at the United Nations, Vienna and is a member of the Executive Circle of the Spirit of Humanity Forum, a platform for leaders to discover new ways to move forward, based on deep human values. She travels widely giving lectures on themes related to spiritual development.


Charles Fowler (who will chair the discussion).  Charles chairs the Human Values Foundation, which uses positive values to promote young people’s social and emotional development, helps run the UK Values Alliance, and is project partner of the Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice for Health and Social Care at Oxford University. He is the Coordinator of World Values Day.