ReCONNECTING with VALUES – How people can help themselves (and coaches can help their clients) lead a values-aligned life… in practice.





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On 21st October from 15.00 BST join Alan Williams on Zoom to find out how you can help yourselves and others lead a values-aligned life.

The past eighteen months has been a time of enormous uncertainty and disruption. This has been, and continues to be, incredibly challenging. A time of upheaval is also an opportunity to use our values to deepen our understanding of what matters most in our lives, our sense of self, and connecting with others for community. As we move forward into a (hopefully!) post pandemic world, how can we continue to live our lives in line with our values rather than be caught up with responding and reacting to the busyness around us in our personal and work lives?

Living in line with our values removes ambiguity, instils confidence, improves resilience and ultimately provides in a greater sense of fulfilment and happiness.

This session provides a step by step guide helps to identify what is important to you (myValues), translates this into a set of behaviours (myPractices), and supports you to apply the approach every day (myExperiences). The approach draws on the fields of mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience, affirmation, action learning, habit creation.

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