On Thursday 15th October from 09.30 BST (UTC/GMT+1) join us on Zoom for a reflective exploration of our inner strengths and values, in a free event organised by the Brahma Kumaris in partnership with UK Values Alliance.

This online event aims to recreate the powerful, peaceful and empowering atmosphere of the annual day’s retreat that we have held in previous years for World Values Day. It is an opportunity to take time out in order to appreciate our inner strengths and values so that we can be our best and do our best in the days ahead.

Through a process of reflection, journaling, dialogue and meditation, we will go on an inner journey and connect with and nurture our higher self, the hero within, and emerge with new hope, strength and a clearer vision as to how we will contribute to creating a better world.

Please register here for this free event: https://tinyurl.com/HeroWVD

Hosts and Facilitators:

Nina Buchanan has a background in corporate management and service delivery. She has a keen interest in the development of values-based learning and is a trained Living Values in Education facilitator. Nina is an articulate presenter, seminar leader, mentor and teacher, who works with a cross-section of individuals and groups. She is also a meditation practitioner and teacher and an Independent Funeral Celebrant with a special interest in Spiritual End of Life Care.

Charles Fowler FRSA, FRSA has been working to raise awareness of the importance of values for over 20 years. He chairs the Human Values Foundation, which uses positive values to promote young people’s social and emotional development, helps run the UK Values Alliance, and is project partner of the Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice for Health and Social Care at Oxford University. He is closely involved in organising and co-ordinating World Values Day. 

Samantha Fraser, is a primary school teacher who spent 20 years working in different countries of Africa including Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Botswana. She was actively involved in the Living Values educational programme that was initiated in 1995 in New York and has conducted various trainings in different countries. As a teacher with the Brahma Kumaris, she runs meditation sessions and a variety of self-development courses in schools, hospitals and other organisations.

Sister Jayanti Kirpalani, European and Middle East Director of Brahma Kumaris and their NGO Representative to the United Nations, Geneva. As an emissary for peace for over 50 years, she is a highly regarded spiritual teacher and leader who brings great clarity and wisdom to the issues of our times. In particular, she sees the erosion of spiritual values as the underlying cause of the crises that the world is facing today.

Georgeanne Lamont has worked on the art of transformation for 31 years in classrooms, staffrooms, workplaces, businesses and care homes through using a dynamic cycle of transformation, and developing spiritual and global awareness. She founded the Values and Visions Project in 1989 and has co-authored Values and Visions (1995), The Spirited Business (2002), Values and Visions, Engaging Students and Refreshing Teachers (2019). She is also a student of Raja Yoga and a Mindfulness teacher. 

John McConnel, a stress management trainer and former prison governor and social worker. He has a strong interest in the practical application of spiritual principles and insights in daily life and runs courses, workshops and retreats designed to empower people. He is the editor of Living Our Values: an inside-out approach to change your life for the better (2013) and the author of Breaking Through the Darkness – how to defeat, depression, anxiety and stress (2020).