On 21st October from 21.00 to 22.15 BST (UTC+1) which is 4pm Eastern Time, join Ati Farmani and Andra Brosh

The choices we make about the foods we eat are deeply rooted in our values, and those choices directly impact the health of our earth. Yet our lifestyles don’t always consider this interconnectedness. What we eat, where we purchase our food, and our awareness of how the brain and body depend on the health of our foods for survival provides the foundation for the Ecosystem of Eating.

  • Learn how your personal health depends on environmental health
  • Consider what current role your values play in your eating habits and dietary choices
  • Understand how to prioritize the environment in your wellness choices
  • Define three personal values around dietary choices and eating
  • Commit to one change you can make to integrate these values

Please join this event on Zoom here

ATI FARMANI is a Health and Wellness Coach and founder of Ati Nutrition. From health and wellness education to recipe development for specific health issues, Ati offers a wide range of holistic wellness coaching options for individuals, groups, corporations and classrooms. Fascinated by food’s healing powers, Ati combines advanced knowledge of how food is grown, its molecular composition and its nutrient values, with personal experience of eating her way to wellness.   Website: http://www.atinutrition.com  


ANDRA BROSH, PH.D., BCHN Dr. Andra Brosh is a clinical psychologist, board-certified holistic nutritionist, and a pioneer in the regenerative wellbeing movement. Her ecosystem approach to wellness uniquely integrates the mental, physical, and spiritual realms with the ecological wellbeing of the earth. Dr. Brosh loves to share her wisdom and knowledge around the connection between our inner and outer landscapes and the relationships between our values, choices, and the environments in which we live. She resides in Los Angeles, seeing clients and hosting workshops at her holistic hermitage, Psyche & Salt