On Thursday 15th October at 1300-1500 The Values Academy is hosting a discussion about values in action in both at an office in the old town of Stockholm and also online on Zoom,

Language: Swedish

World Values ​​Day (WVD) is celebrated around the world to raise awareness of the importance of values ​​and to demonstrate good experiences from individuals and companies in using their values ​​in everyday life.  This year’s theme for WVD is “Values ​​in Action”.

World Values ​​Day gives us the opportunity to reflect on your and society’s values ​​and discuss them with others. Among other things, we will discuss the values in action ​​that will guide us in creating a sustainable planet.

Registration for this event will take place no later than 8th October 2020. Please register by email with tsekbom@gmail.com.  

A Zoom link will be sent the next day after registration.