On Thursday 15th October from 16.00 to 18.00 IST (10.30 to 12.30 UTC/GMT;  11.30  to 13.30 BST)

This webinar will explore the need for values into action at this extremely difficult time for India and the world, with challenges of the Covid-19 epidemic exacerbating the already profound problems that we are facing around climate change, geopolitical instability and economic uncertainty.

The way we respond to these multiple challenges will depend on our fundamental values and beliefs. We will need to look to our natural human values and how meditation and living these values can help guide us through the tough choices that will need to be made.

The following speakers will discuss these momentous issues:

ALAN WILLIAMS is Founder and M.D. of SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL, which helps progressive leaders of service sector organisations internationally and in the UK to deliver values driven service for sustained performance. An author and international speaker, his projects have achieved measurable business impact and gained industry awards.  Alan is the Founder of the Global Values Alliance, a Steering Group member of the UK Values Alliance and non-executive director of British Quality Foundation.

DR H.P. KANORIA, Chairman of Universal Spirituality & Humanity Foundation. He is a renowned industrialist, banker, journalist, educationist, philanthropist, social awakener with the mission and vision for enhancing spiritual value service to humanity and taking up the cause for women awakening. Besides several humanitarian awards, he has been conferred The Global Man of the Year at the 3rd Annual Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D) Awards, held in August 2015 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

LAURENCE FREEMAN is a Benedictine monk and Director of World Community of Christian Meditation (WCCM). He also leads Meditatio, WCCM’s outreach, bringing the benefits of meditation to business, education and medicine as well as the marginalised and underprivileged. WCCM is active in over 30 countries and its form of mediation in over 100 schools. WCCM is based in Bonnevaux, France where they have a large Retreat and Conference Centre. www.wccm.org

PROFESSOR JOHN DREW is former Chancellor of Regent’s University London, head of the UK Offices of the European Commission, Director of Rank Xerox and Deloite Touche. During his career he has worked in diplomacy, business and government across Europe and the Middle East. He has a diploma in transpersonal psychology and writes and lectures on European affairs and personal development.

REV. PRAVRAJIKA DIVYANANDAPRANA JI is a monastic member/nun of Sri Sarada Math, Daksineswar, and is presently posted at Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, New Delhi. She is the Editor of Samvit, the English journal of Sri Sarada Math. She was the Principal of Nivedita Vidyamandir, New Delhi from 2014 till 2019. She is a regular speaker at different institutes of national repute like the IITs, IIMs and other universities, as well as many international platforms.

RAHUL VARMA is a multifaceted Corporate Executive and Philanthropist with a distinguished career in diverse roles spanning over 35 years. A leader whether Corporate or Charity with a strong vision and dedication to his commitments. He has held Strategic Senior Positions with Large Companies in India as Director and President. He is associated with various Chambers of Commerce and has been instrumental in launching a nationwide initiative for promoting Spirituality @ Work (Sach Bharat- Sach Visva) as the chairman of the committee (ASSOCHAM).

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