Celebrating 15 years of Walk For Values and Honouring 150 Years of Canada  #HumanValuesDay

Walk for Values will take place in different cities across Canada. The first walk will start in Saskatoon on May 14th 2017 and it will continue in other cities across Canada, in Winnipeg on May 27th2017, in Toronto on Sunday 28th  May 2107, Ottawa on June 4th 2017and Coquitlam BC on June 11th 2017.

This is the 15th year that we will be taking the important step of walking together as the Walk for Values 2017. We are not raising funds, but simply taking a pledge to transform our self and our community by practicing values.

The Walk for Values started in 2003 when street violence took place in Malvern area of Toronto. Since then it has grown and grown.  It now occurs right across Canada and in many countries around the world:

Canada: Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary Fort McMurray and Coquitlam.
Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth and Brisbane.
USA: New York, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Raleigh, Seattle, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Chicago and Tempe.
India: Chandigarh, Visakhapatnam, New Delhi.
New Zealand: Auckland.
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
Hong Kong: The city of Hong Kong.
Africa: Cape Town and Johannesburg

What is Walk for Values?

This is a walkathon, which was started in the town of Malvern, ON. in 2003 by the Parent Council of the Sathya Sai School of Canada, a private elementary school, registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education. The school’s thrust is Education in Human Values, where the staff, parents, students and volunteers all focus on integrating human values into the regular curriculum.

In 2004 this Walk became a national event being conducted annually in the cities of Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Saskatoon, Winnpieg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Coquitlam where representatives from Vancouver, Surrey, and Abbotsford join together with the City’s Teddy Bear Parade. In 2007 it continued at Dundas Square, in downtown Toronto and in 2007 it also became international when it was done in Australia in 5 major cities on a national scale. Today it has spread over 4 continents in 30 major cities across the world. This is the little Walk that grew from just over 3000 walkers in Malvern in 2003 to over 5000 participants in 2010 at Yonge-Dundas Square, the heart of downtown Toronto, growing by the end of 2014 to an annual international event covering 28 major cities in 4 continents and counting! Since 2013, this Walk is being conducted from the prestigious Nathan Phillips Square, at Toronto City Hall.

This Walk  is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of practicing positive values at helping in the eradication of violence, bullying, drugs, crime, disrespect and greed in our society.  The uniqueness of the event is that it is not a fundraiser.  Rather, each participant resolves to make the community richer by pledging to practice a value of his or her choice.  In this way, it is a “walk of love” aimed at making our city, one citizen at a time, richer in our commitment to human values as a first step towards raising our social conscience.

Mission Statement

“Walk for Values” is a walk designed to raise awareness of Human Values and to promote individual and collective responsibility for the progress of humanity, one step at a time.

 Vision Statement

A non-monetary, non-denominational event, this unique initiative, based on the five basic universal human values of Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-violence, is part of a global drive to seed human consciousness with timeless affirmations such as hope, kindness, patience and honesty, along with other positive values deemed integral to the sustenance and survival of mankind.

It calls for an honest self-examination from all its participants who identify areas for personal growth and pledge to practice associated values not only for self-transformation but collectively for social, environmental and global reformation.

The Objective of the “Walk for Values”

The objective of the “Walk for Values” is to give members of the community, participating organisations and students a clearer understanding of the importance of a values-based life. Basic Human Values of truth, right conduct, peace, love and non-violence have been on the decline in our communities and our nations. We can see this in the daily reports in the newspapers, radio and TV news broadcasts. Guns, violence and drugs have infiltrated our streets, our communities and our families. By doing nothing we contribute to the increase of this decline. As responsible citizens, we simply must do something about it. This WALK is an opportunity to fulfil that responsibility in a positive way by raising the awareness of human values in our community.

The Values we walk for are Values to live by 

TRUTHhonesty, integrity, optimism, excellence

RIGHT CONDUCT – courtesy, gratitude, fairplay, perseverance, determination, responsibility, sacrifice, initiative, leadership, courage, duty, ethics

PEACE – contentment, discipline, humility, patience, satisfaction, self-control, self-confidence, self-respect, understanding, modesty

LOVEcaring, compassion, reverence, forgiveness, generosity, kindness, enthusiasm, tolerance, dedication, devotion, unity

NON-VIOLENCE – gentleness, consideration, moderation, cooperation, brotherhood, equality, cultural respect, social justice

Current Locations, touching the 4 A-continents of America, Australia, Asia and Africa:

Canada: Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary Fort McMurray and Coquitlam. Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth and Brisbane. USA: New York, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Raleigh, Seattle, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Chicago and Tempe. India: Chandigarh, Visakhapatnam  New Delhi. New Zealand: Auckland. Malaysia: Kampala. Hong Kong: The city of Hong Kong. Africa: Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Event Highlights focusing on the Tenth Anniversary, 2013

  • It is not a fundraiser, but an event to promote Human Values and Character Development.
  • The only major public event that supports & promotes excellence in Character in communities
  • Collection of non-perishable food items – with goal of 10 tons – on a National basis for the Food Banks across Canada
  • Conducting a National Blood Donation drive in partnership with CBS
  • Collecting new and re-usable clothing to be distributed to the needy
  • Donated 108 Children’s’ beds to charity through the agency of ‘Furniture Bank’
  • Colorful floats, music bands and participation by other local public schools
  • Motivational keynote speakers from the various community organizations
  • Go Green” was the theme for 2009 and continues as an underlying goal of all events
  • Promotion of family values with fun games and prizes for children
  • Leaders from the three levels of Government and other community organisations lead the parade

For further information about this event contact:  

Manish Rughani | Co-Chair | 416- 722 2394 | [email protected]
Kesh Maharaj | Co-Chair | 416-575 7744 |
[email protected] 

Hosted by the Parent Council – Sathya Sai School, Sathya Sai International Organization, Canada451 Ellesmere Rd., Toronto, ON., Canada M1R 4E5; T. 416-297-7970; F. 416-297-0945;


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