On Thursday 15th October 2020 from 09.30 to 10.30 AEST (UTC/GMT+10, which in the UK is 00.30 to 01.30 BST) join us in exploring the values that enhance resilience – for ourselves, our teams, leaders and organisations – in a webinar organised by Resilience.TV and hosted by Kathryn McEwan.

As specialists in workplace resilience, we know that values impact on our capacity to sustain our health and performance over time.  A misalignment between our values and those experienced in our job can result in us leaving the role, or if that is not possible, losing our soul.

The research behind our Resilience at Work Toolkit demonstrated how values can help create, or destroy, our personal and team resilience.

So, if it this has always been the case, how is this playing out right now? What values will organisations need to demonstrate to meet community expectations and survive?  What values will leaders need to enact?  What values can guide us in stepping up, both personally and in our teams, to current challenges?

This webinar will explore the core values we need as employees, teams, leaders and organisations to be successful in the future.  It will also highlight the values, if breached, that are most likely to impact on our capacity to recover, restore and reinvent in emerging working environments.

The one-hour webinar will be an interactive opportunity to explore and discuss the outcomes of a WVD survey.  The 5-minute survey will explore workplace values and will be distributed in the lead up to this event.  Please participate here:

Survey: http://qualtrasia.asia.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0PRTEZsYueeASrj

Ticket cost: Free

Registration:  Australia: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/121154397063

Other time zones TBA

Number of tickets being issued: 30 per webinar