On Thursday, 15th October 2020, from 17:00 to 19:00 BST (UTC/GMT+1) this Zoom webinar will be the fifth World Values Day Knowledge Café organised by Gurteen Knowledge / Conversational Leadership since our first one in 2016.

Whenever we engage in conversation, whether one-to-one or in a group, face-to-face or online, we have the opportunity to put our values into action.

There are many values that can be expressed in conversation, such as honesty, respect, trust, integrity, listening, constructive disagreement, speaking the truth, and the search for truth. Most of us hold these values or similar ones but do we regularly live them in our everyday conversations? And could it be that we lose track of these values when we are talking to others, and that’s why our conversations sometimes don’t go so well?

In this Knowledge Café, David Gurteen will give a short presentation on the importance of living our values in our conversations and pose the question:

“What values do we wish to exemplify in our conversations with others and how do we achieve that?”

We will then have 3 rounds of small group conversations, where we split up into small groups of 3 or 4 and go into Zoom break-out rooms to discuss the question.

Finally, we will return to the main room to share our thoughts and insights with the whole group.

What might we take away from this session? These words from Oprah Winfrey may give us a clue:

“My hope is that you would try to go out and have more face-to-face conversations with people you may disagree with.
That you’ll have the courage to look them in the eye and hear their point of view.
And help make sure that the speed and distance and anonymity of our world doesn’t cause us to lose our ability to stand in somebody else’s shoes and recognize all that we share as a people.
This is imperative for you as an individual and for our success as a nation.
There has to be some way that this darkness can be banished with light.”

Ticket cost:  Free

Registration: tickets for this event are limited, so please apply for a ticket as soon as you can here at Eventbrite.

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