Join the World Values Day 31 Values in Action Challenge and consciously practice one value for each day of the month through October.

Each day, reflect on your experience and the impact on yourself and other people around you.

Consider keeping a daily journal so that you can look back at the end of the month and reflect on your experiences.

If you feel prompted to share something about this on social media, do remember to use the hashtag #WorldValuuesDay.

Thursday 1st  October:   Freedom

Friday 2nd October:   Responsibility

Saturday 3rd October:  Transparency

Sunday 4th October:   Honesty                      

Monday 5th October:  Achievement

Tuesday 6th October:  Respect

Wednesday 7th October:  Love

Thursday 8th October:  Kindness                     

Friday 9th October:  Truth                           

Saturday 10th October: Friendship                      

Sunday 11th October:  Compassion             

Monday 12th October:  Trust

Tuesday 13th October:  Humility

Wednesday 14th October:  Faith                         

Thursday 15th October:  Action

Friday 16th October:   Excellence

Saturday 17th October:  Fun

Sunday 18th October:  Family

Monday 19th October:  Unity

Tuesday 20th October:  Courage

Wednesday 21st October:  Co-operation

Thursday 22nd October:  Fairness                    

Friday 23rd October:  Acceptance                                    

Saturday 24th October:  Gratitude                 

Sunday 25th October:  Peace                        

Monday 26th October:  Creativity                 

Tuesday 27th October:  Joy

Wednesday 28th October:  Simplicity

Thursday 29th October:   Nature

Friday 30th October:  Patience                   

Saturday 31st October:  Adaptability             

A reminder of the Value in Action for the day will be posted each day here on Twitter.