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The stories behind the values-based banks transforming the world

The stories in this e-book show just what can be done when money is used positively, when the creativity of entrepreneurs is unlocked and when banks are run on a deeply embedded set of principles and values, based on mutual care and respect.

The book tells the stories of success – the real stories of sustainable banking – and shines a light on an even bigger picture: that behind every bank there are thousands of stories of people using money positively to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities wherever they are in the world.

It offers a peek inside the window of some of the world’s most ground-breaking and progressive banks and their clients. But it is only a glimpse. Each bank has a wealth of stories and experiences that they actively share with their customers and the world. It’s a level of transparency that is not generally associated with the financial sector.  The banks featured here share a profoundly different perspective on how banking can, and should, work. For them, finance starts with meeting human needs in an environmentally-responsible way and as a means to that end, finishes with profitable banks delivering them.

Each bank represents an inspiring example of what a transformed banking sector could really look like. And each of their case studies offers an insight into their impact on their clients – the entrepreneurs and catalysts of this new economy – on the sectors they work in, and on wider society.

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The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) is a growing membership organisation, made up of the world’s leading sustainable banks, from Asia, Africa, Latin America to Australia, North America and Europe. Members include microfinance banks in emerging markets, credit unions, community banks and sustainable banks financing social, environmental and cultural enterprises.
Whilst there are differences in their business models, they are all unified by a core set of principles and a belief that a bank’s role, first and foremost, is to serve the needs of people. By practising a contemporary form of traditional banking, rooted in local economies and focused on expert understanding of sustainability sectors, these banks and their clients are laying a path to a new type of economy.

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