The idea of “core values” is an abstract concept to many business owners and managers. Most businesses seem to regard articulating their deeply held values as an interesting but ultimately low priority exercise, one that generates results that are impossible to measure … if it generates results at all.

But in fact, core values – when articulated well and implemented correctly – enable businesses to unlock real value and improve performance, productivity, and profit. They serve as a compass for decision-makers in competitive markets, as triggers for higher engagement and increased productivity from employees, and as levers that can pull consumers to do business with you.

The truth is, implementing a core value system is more critical than most business owners realize and has a far greater real-world impact than they would expect.

But how do “core values” work; and just what down-to-earth, real-world outcomes can you expect from this seemingly abstract idea?

We interviewed organizations of all sizes, from those with fewer than 10 employees to those that span the globe, to find out how core values work in the real world.

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