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Education in Human Values (EHV) is a ready-to-go programme of 44 fully resourced modules suitable for primary school children from 4 to 12 years.

EHV is a series of Lesson Plans based on five universal core values which transcend religious and cultural differences.  It is a user-friendly resource pack, suitable for assemblies and classwork.  Cross-curricular in its approach, some elements of the EHV programme focus on tranquillity, encouraging children to develop calmness, whereas other aspects help them build up assertiveness and self-esteem.  It leads children to discover, explore, practise and imbibe lasting values, which they can readily apply in school, at home and in the wider community.

More than 1,000 schools in the UK have already found this deeply researched and clear approach to values education to be a long sought-after answer to seemingly insoluble problems facing our society.

This programme is excellent for meeting the requirements of the curriculum for:
•    Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) education
•    Personal Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education
•    Citizenship
•    Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) and the fundamental British values.

Values are re-shaping many aspects of our lives as well as our families, schools, businesses and other public and private organisations around us.

  • As more and more individuals and organisations become values-driven, the effects are changing the landscape for workplaces and how modern, successful public and private entities, including schools, are run.
  • Increasingly people are keen to live their values, make a difference and improve the world through their lifestyles, their careers and their personal and collective choices.
  •  Events around the world are bringing into ever sharper focus, the need for young citizens to be “values literate”.
  •  Savvy teachers want to prepare young citizens well and provide informed guidance that creates the foundations for success now and in the future.
  •  Quality Values Education is a vital component in building success, providing goldmines worthy of attention and inspirational windfalls.
    •    The experiential learning reduces barriers hampering individuals’ progress and their abilities to be innovative, grow, thrive and fulfil their potential.
    •    The holistic approach enriches personal development, raising standards, making learning more effective and enhancing performance and prospects.
    •    Nurturing strong, internal compasses brings in long-term advantages for individuals, relationships, communities and the environment.
    •    The process gives meaning and direction to lives, improves behaviour patterns, raises educational attainment and boosts participants’ wellbeing.

Authoritative global RESEARCH shows that high quality, systematic VALUES EDUCATION:
•    is essential to effective schooling
•    positively impacts all the important educational measures
•    is a worldwide, contemporary phenomenon
•    fits well with updated brain and pedagogical research, and
•    is a means to holistic student and teacher wellbeing.

EHV promotes social, emotional, moral and spiritual growth – elements found to be present where intellectual advancement and academic achievement are being maximised.

Each learning unit is laid out with an objective, an introduction to prompt discussion, a quotation, a song, ideas for quiet reflection and a range of suggested activities to deepen learning and a follow-up activity.

Many of the activities could generate personal activity records, which the children can learn to store digitally with tags for ease of reference.

Elements in the learning modules can be used discretely as stand-alone activities or incorporated into different parts of the curriculum, such as SMSC, PSHE and fundamental British values schemes of work.

A feature of the well-structured units is that themes and corresponding activities can be selected to address specific issues or concerns or a particular need with a student.
Sample lesson plan
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