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Social & Emotional Education (SEE) is an inspiring course of 35 fully resourced modules from the HUMAN VALUES FOUNDATION, suitable for young people aged 12 to 14+.

The resource helps students develop a healthy lifestyle, good relationships, a caring attitude, confidence and responsibility.

The core values of Truth, Love, Peace, Right Action and Non-Violence, together with over 70 related values, which are essential components of the EDUCATION IN HUMAN VALUES programme for primary schools, are carried into the SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL EDUCATION (“SEE”) programme but with a more discerning approach for this older age group.


FROM A YOUNG AGE SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL EDUCATION is an engaging, comprehensive programme of inspirational activities to foster the wellbeing of young people and enable them to understand and consciously use life-enhancing values to enrich all aspects of their lives, including their choices and relationships.

Just as ‘digital fluency’ is becoming a prerequisite for participating meaningfully in society and in the world of work so is ‘values fluency’ increasingly being recognised as essential to a meaningful, happy, fulfilling life in its broadest sense.

The concept of ‘VALUES LITERACY’ could be considered as individuals’ understanding and knowledge about a wide spectrum of values and their ability to choose and skilfully apply appropriate values within different contexts in real-life situations.

The relentless focus on tests and exams can jeopardise opportunities for young people to develop positive character traits, a moral compass and the skills and qualities needed to achieve their true potential.  In response to the growing recognition of the need for high quality, coherent, holistic teaching resources, designed to develop a young person’s broader qualities, values literacy and essential emotional and social life skills, the HUMAN VALUES FOUNDATION is committed to continuing to inspire excellence by providing effective and enjoyable solution-focused materials and sharing our expertise with policymakers and those on the front line.

The key theme of the SEE modules is how young people can learn to undertake reflective and purposeful values-based thinking, decision-making and behaviour patterns.

The transformative activities progressively build confidence and self-esteem and develop essential life skills that enhance and enrich relationships, broaden the understanding of society and the contributions the learners can make and the importance of taking responsibility for promoting informed management of the environment.

Each carefully structured yet flexible module builds on key understandings of social, emotional and spiritual skills that are conducive to holistic personal growth and development in all contexts.

The programme endorses and enhances high quality emotional and social intelligence and since values are relevant to everyone, the supportive mentorship that the modules can promote at school, at home and in the wider community, equips young people so that they can make positive, informed choices that lead to happy, fulfilling lives during their school careers and beyond.
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