Free 6 month trial of this innovative values-based tool to replace outdated annual appraisals. The Reviewer enables 2-way transparent feedback, real-time, based on values and deliverables.

Reviews can be conducted after every task or project, and not only with a line manager: – you can review peers, colleagues in other teams, suppliers, or clients.

At the end of the year, you will have a holistic view of your performance and, critically, reviews have been conducted on
organisational values as well as project / task deliverables.

This means that no longer will values just be up on the wall, you have to demonstrate them through your behaviours. The Talent Cloud Reviewer will thereby support your culture, it will improve transparency and generate more trust

The Reviewer is offered free for 6 months to any organisation that mentions they discovered our platform on the World Values Day website.  After you register, you will have full access to the platform (i.e. all tools, including the Reviewer). The Talent Cloud will make contact with you on how to launch it within your organisation.

Apply for a free 6 month trial of the Talent Cloud Reviewer by clicking here.