SPECIAL OFFER: Determine your core values with our Value Orientations Assessment Tool. Holistic, insightful and effective values assessment used by corporates worldwide to establish worldviews, behavioural, cultural and leadership insight.

The VO assesses a person’s level of awareness, worldviews and the organising frameworks on which their perceptions, decisions, emotional responses and behaviour are based.

The benefits.

The VO reveals an individual’s worldviews, their assumptions about life and perceptual orientations. Value systems represent core intelligences and act as a decision-making framework that guides behaviour and life choices. Value systems thus provide a structure for thinking, act as organizing principles, and guide an individual’s modes of adaptation to the world.

Core aspects.

  • Valid and reliable
  • Automated reporting
  • Quick and easy administration
  • Sound theoretical foundation anchored in the work of leading theorists
  • Applicable to individuals, but also companies (value audits)
  • Applicable in diverse cultural environments
  • Not easy to manipulate (relatively non-transparent items)
  • Detailed strengths and weaknesses of profile combinations
  • Indicators of stressors and characteristic stress-related behaviour

What you need to know:

  • Duration:   30 – 45 minutes.
  • Material:   Online values assessment.
  • Test language:   English.
  • Report: Standard report or international report available in many languages.
  • Accreditation: Required for administration, interpretation and feedback.
  • Feedback: Free webinar for World Values Day participants

Find out more:

The cost of the VO is a special price of £35 for World Values Day – a discount of 55% from the normal price. Cognadev will give free feedback to test takers and is happy to respond to any questions – contact details can be found on the link above