Here are a selection of values-based books, if you would like to read more on the subject of values.  There are many more, please contact us for details.

Coaching with Values, Lindsay West

In this book Lindsay introduces the concept of values, explaining where they come from and why they are important in coaching others to achieve success, happiness and fulfilment in their lives.  Her I-VALUE Coaching Framework and detailed set of techniques, lead you from the first exploration of values through to using values for setting goals, managing emotions and making change.  Motivation, self-esteem, decision-making and managing stress are all examined through the enlightening perspective of values. View on Amazon

Conscious Capitalism, Raj Sisodia and John Mackey

The definitive work on the theory and practice of Conscious Capitalism, including compelling evidence of its commercial effectiveness. View on Amazon

Firms of Endearment , Raj Sisodia, David Wolfe and Jag Sheth.

They argue that today’s greatest companies are fuelled by passion and purpose, not cash, and that they earn large profits by helping all their stakeholders thrive. The book offers tips and information on how to build a firm of endearment. Raj Sisodia has found that working cultures built on a foundation of love and care rather than fear and stress are much more likely to have higher levels of trust, both among employees and customers.  A significantly revised second edition of the book was published earlier this year. View on Amazon

From my heart: Transforming lives through values, Dr Neil Hawkes

Dr Hawkes demonstrates how teachers, pupils and parents benefit from a values-driven approach
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Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right, Mary C. Gentile

How can you effectively stand up for your values when pressured by your boss, customers, or shareholders to do the opposite?  View on Amazon

Reinventing Capitalism: How we broke money and how we fix it, from inside and out, Jon Freeman

Money was meant to serve us, but no longer does so.  Jon Freeman’s book starts with how people view money, how we mis-perceive it and how we feel about it.  These thoughts and feelings caused us to build the systems we have, and inevitably led to their collapse.  It wasn’t just “the bankers”.  The book explores how our societal attitudes and values need to change, and how these underpin the design of a functional, sustainable and ethical replacement.  The outcome is a set of 36 design criteria for the new system.    Further details can be found at View on Amazon

The 31 Practices, Alan Williams and Dr Alison Whybrow

A practical guide on how to release the power of your organisation’s values every day.  View on Amazon

The Hairy Arsed Builder’s Guide to Stress Management, Dave Lee

This is a truly revolutionary approach to helping sort out the stress in our lives. Plagued by a troubled, dysfunctional childhood, teen years spent in and out of prison and by stress for most of his adult life Builder Dave Lee had reached his rock bottom. Drinking heavily, his marriage in collapse and with his life in tatters he began a search for some sort of peace of mind and an end to the constant stress he was suffering from.  View on Amazon

The Values Driven Organisation, Richard Barrett

Barrett’s updated work on organisational values and the management of effective culture change  View on Amazon

Values: how to bring values to life in your business, Ed Mayo 

What matters to us? One way of answering that question is through the lens of values, which have a powerful influence on our attitudes and behaviours. Yet it can be difficult for businesses to realize the true potential of values, which is to engage staff, customers and suppliers in an emotional way that touches on their own core motivations.
Find out more about the business that you are, and the business that you could be.(Out October 2016) View here

Conscious Culture: How to build a High Performing Workplace through Leadership, Values and Ethics, Joanna Barclay

Change is the new norm in society, and it’s having a devastating impact on organizations. The proof? Insecure, demoralized employees and the lowest levels ever of employee engagement. North America employee engagement is between 26-30 percent, and in Asia it’s between 6-12 percent. That’s a lot of untapped employee potential!

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