Anna  is Lead Strategist at the Finance Innovation Lab. She guest blogs for Word Values Day on ‘Values for Money’ – when is the value of £100 not £100?

Values for money

What’s the value of £100? At first glance, it’s a fairly daft question. When we’re dealing with money, the only value that counts is financial. £100 has a value of £100. I don’t think that’s the right answer. The value of £100 depends on what it does in the world. It could help a community save their local shop from closure; it could support the generation of clean energy; or it could help provide secure housing for people with long-term mental illness. It could help speculators drive up the price of food; it could fund the development of a fracking site; or it could support regimes that abuse human rights. Whether positively or negatively, I value all of those things in a deeper and more complex way than just the financial value of £100.

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