SPECIAL OFFER: Be grounded in ‘who you are uniquely’ and stand with conscious strength & resolve, to move forward with energy, momentum & clarity.

Your values hold the innate pattern of your authentic character. When this pattern is configured into your natural operating system, they show you how your values work together to support & guide you in all aspects of your life as your distinct Values Operating SystemTM.

Developed over 15 years ago, the Values Operating System has proven to be extraordinarily valuable to the thousands of people who have experienced it.


Through your Values Operating System, you become self-empowered to:

  • generate meaningful creative focuses and get a sense of where you are inspired to apply your creative energy;
  • initiate and co-create what is meaningful & valuable with others more effectively & joyfully;
  • proactively address & breakthrough gaps that are holding you back to re-invigorate your creative energy, focus, & progress.


  1. Pre-workwhere you will identify, rank and define your values.
  2. Work Sessionto uncover your Values Operating System, understand how it works uniquely for you, and begin to relate it to the experiences in your life.
  3. Post-worktracking of your experiences.
  4. Coaching Sessionto continue to relate your Values Operating System to experiences in your life and create your sense of resolve to consciously live your Values Operating System going forward.


The entire Values Operating SystemTM including materials, supporting concepts, and 2 personal video conference sessions can be experienced for a special price of Canadian$340 up to World Values Day – a 15% discount from the normal price.

To find out more click here: https://pursuitinc.com/programs/ or email info@pursuitinc.com.