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World Values Day is Thursday, 17th October 2024

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What will you be inspired to do?

World Values Day is an annual campaign to increase the awareness and practice of values around the world.

Values are what matter most to us. They motivate and guide us. They are the passion in our hearts, the reason we do the things we do. 
In a world that feels increasingly divided, values help unite us. They are the glue holding together our communities and societies. They reflect our common humanity. They are powerful.
The theme for this year’s campaign is Bringing Values To Life.  If we can all bring our values to life as individual citizens, families, groups, organisations and communities, we can reach past the anger and negativity that divides us and change the world for the better.  

How to Get Involved

Choose a Value

Choose a value that’s important to you. Are you really living that value to the full?

For help in choosing your important value take a look at our Values Guides.

Act on that Value

Put that value into action. Do something to make it a bigger part of your life.

For inspiration and ideas on how to do this take a look at our Values Guides.

Tell the World!

Spread the love and bring us all a bit closer by sharing your story.

Post to social media using #WorldValuesDay on 17th October & don’t be afraid to get creative. You could even include a  selfie with our pre-made template.

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News & Updates


WVD 2023 report from Hungary

Zsófia Fried and the team at Hungarian Association for Living Values (B.É.K.E.) organized a 100 Days of Values campaign, putting their values into action across Hungary

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Other Ways To Get Involved

Part of a group, school or organisation? Organisations across the world are taking the Values Break together, or taking the Values Challenge specifically designed for larger groups.

Join the Valuesthon, our all-day, online festival of values spanning the time zones of Asia, Australasia, Africa, Europe and America! Find out more about the Valuesthon here.

Every year people use World Values Day to take a deeper dive into values, wellbeing and more with our tools and resources.

Individuals or groups are joining planned events and activities all over the world. Or hold your own event! Get in touch with us to have it listed on our website: info@worldvaluesday.com

World Values Day is a charitable cause run entirely for the love of spreading the word. You can donate by using the donate box at the bottom of every page on the website.

We’re proud to be supported by a range of partners, influencers and sponsors. Become one – email us at: info@worldvaluesday.com

Our Partners

To become a partner or supporter of World Values Day, please contact us at info@worldvaluesday.com