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Values are the things that are important to us.

Values are what make us who we are. They are the compass guiding everything we do – our choices and our actions. When we forget that compass, we take the wrong turn. It’s the same for our families, for our communities, for the world.

Our values show us the way.


World Values Day is 19 October 2017


Values are the things that are important to us, the foundation of our lives. They are deeply held principles that guide our choices and behaviours and influence our emotions. Values are the core of who we are. They are our motivators, our drivers, the passion in our hearts and the reason why we do the things we do.

World Values Day is an opportunity for us to think about our most deeply held values and to act on them. If we are aware of our values and put them into action each and every day, we can change our lives and change the world we live in.

Join in

Choose a value

Choose a value that’s most important for you, the one that motivates you through life, guides you through big issues and difficult choices, describes who you really are. See the Values Guide for top tips on how to do this.

Act on that value

Values are powerful when acted on! Do something NOW that brings your value passionately to life – something challenging, creative, fun. Decide that acting on your values is now part of your life. Do your bit to change the world. Use the Values Guide for ideas to get you started.

Share it

Share what you’ve done across the world with #worldvaluesday or send it to us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or by email. Send a photo or a video clip, write a haiku, record a song – whatever works best for you.

Pass it on

Nominate at least one other person – family, friend or colleague – to do the same! Challenge them to choose their own important value, act on it, share it, and then pass the challenge on again to their friends. Let’s change the world together!

Download our Values Guide (PDF document) to see more about how to choose your most important value, and how to act on it.

Be part of the live Values Word Cloud

Once you have chosen your most important value, type it into the field below and see it added to the live Values Word Cloud.

Values social feed: how you are bringing your values to life

World Values Day Themes

How do values help children become healthy, emotionally mature individuals? Why are values just as crucial in universities?


Surely values are in the DNA of caring – so why are values such a hot issue in healthcare right now?


Have financial institutions really transformed their culture since the financial crisis? Will neglect of values mean history is repeated?

Banking & Finance

Why has the use of values to transform careers and lives become the next big thing in life coaching?


These are some of the important themes which will be explored on and around World Values Day. Get involved by clicking on the Events and Activities theme tags and the Tools and Resources theme tags below to see what’s going on in the lead up to World Values Day and on the Day itself, or by contacting us and letting us know your areas of interest.

Walk for Values

Walk for Values

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Closing the Values Gap

Closing the Values Gap

Lively free lunchtime panel discussion at 1pm Monday 12th June 2017 at RSA House. What does it take for an organisation to truly live ... Read More

World Values Day London Conference 2017

World Values Day London Conference 2017

The World Values Day London Conference will take place on 19th October 2017 in central London at a venue to be confirmed.  There will ... Read More

World Values Day                         London Conference

World Values Day London Conference

World Values Day – London Conference 20th October 2016 Venue: Millenium Bridge House, 2 Lambeth Hill, London, EC4V 4GG Timing: ... Read More

Tips for Groups and Organisations

We would love groups of people of every kind to put values into action in the run-up to World Values Day and/or on the Day itself (no need to wait for the Day, do it as soon as you can).

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Any kind of group or organisation can do this. It could be people working together in offices, in shops, in hospitals, in educational establishments, in social clubs – wherever people spend time together.

Managers and leaders will discover that mobilising their team to join together to examine their shared values and to put them into action is a powerful way for organisations to strengthen vital relationships. Involve your colleagues, customers, suppliers and all your other stakeholders.

Members of a participating organisation can select the value or values that are most important to their organisation. They can then work together to put those values into action in challenging, creative and fun ways. They can do this as part of their normal daily activities, or find time to do it as a special exercise. There are lots of imaginative and effective ways of doing this.

Members can put the values into action individually, but it is best if it is done as a team with all members joining together to live their chosen values to the full.

For instance if the chosen value is Cooperation, everybody in the office (or club, or school, or department) could spend their lunchtime doing a blitz clean-up of all the litter in the local park. You could explain to anyone passing what you are doing, and why. One of you might take video footage on a mobile, including the reactions of the passers-by.

Make some time to really notice how things go in your community. Spot something that could be improved and suggest to your friends and neighbours that you work together to find a solution – it could be as simple as seeing that certain people up and down your street struggle to get their wheelie bins to the kerb for collection or are out of the house all day so their bins get left for hours blocking the pavement… With a bit of cooperation these kinds of problems can be solved.

Or if the chosen value is Making a Difference you could all decide to perform at least one unexpected act of kindness each day to a colleague or a customer or a member of the public.

You could do some research in your place of work or study to find out what problems people are encountering that they would like help with. Mobilise the collective wisdom of your team to solve. Chose problems or just help everyone cope with them better.

Whatever you decide to do, try to discuss it afterwards with all your colleagues, noticing the impact of the action on the recipients and on all of you, and reflect on how the practice of your values could be embedded in the daily life of the organisation and its members.

Then please share what you have done with the world by posting on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages or by emailing us at [email protected].

Tips for Schools

There are many different ways to celebrate World Values Day by helping children bring their values to life. Here are some ideas for activities that could take place on the Day or during the run up to the Day:

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Taking pride and responsibility for the school environment – by picking up rubbish in and around the school, or by tidying common areas, class rooms and equipment, the school garden, and playing areas.

Having a Values Day/ Values Week – children discuss values (this can be incorporated with planned autumn term topics) including how they can put them into action in school, at home and in the community. The whole school could action one value per day, such as respect, kindness, or teamwork.

Values activities incorporated in assemblies – deliver an assembly around a particular value; children can compose and perform a values song(s), write and perform a values skit, or write and read out a values poem or story.

Values and art – children illustrate values in drawings and paintings and these are displayed around the school and/or posted on the school website.

Take values into the community – children tidy and clean up a local play area or park or other local site, or visit a retirement home and talk to residents or do a short performance such as a song or skit, or read poems and short stories.

Please do contact us at [email protected] if you need more good ideas or any other information.

Please then share what you have done with the world by posting on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages or by emailing us at [email protected], but please take care not to publish any photographs or personal information about children without receiving the appropriate parental permissions.

We have compiled a wide selection of interesting videos, values guides, white papers and other tools and resources to help your values journey. Please explore here to discover more.

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