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The Values Challenge

When organisations and groups look after the values and wellbeing of their people, they perform better and have higher levels of engagement and satisfaction.

These days many organisations and groups have a clear statement of values. But the reality for many of these is that great sounding values can get trampled on in everyday life. It happens. There is inevitably a gap that grows between how we could live those values and how we actually behave, and this gap can often have a significant impact on our wellbeing and performance of the group, school or organisation, its members and its stakeholders.
The UK Values Alliance, in collaboration with the Forward Institute, the RSA (the Royal Society for Arts) and PwC, have devised a simple one-hour long process, the Values Challenge, which organisations can carry out themselves to begin to close that values gap and put their values into action. 
The theme for this year’s World Values Day on 17th October 2024 is Bringing Values to Life. The Values Challenge resources will shortly be updated accordingly. By doing a better job of putting our values into action in a way which will bring us closer together in our groups and organisations, we can address this perennial problem of the “values gap”.

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Schools can also participate in the Values Challenge, either by involving the school staff, or by involving the school students, or by involving both – the whole school.

Your organisation, group or school doesn’t have official values?

For information on how you can identify your core values please download the relevant Values Guide for your organisation, community group or school from this page.

For individuals who want to find out how to choose their most important values can download the Values Guide for Individuals.

PwC takes the Values Challenge for World Values Day