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The Values Challenge for Organisations



The Values Challenge

One Hour, One Value, One Change
Why are values so important to organisations?

What is the Values Challenge?
This one-hour workshop  was developed in 2017 by the UK Values Alliance, in collaboration with the Forward Institute, the RSA (the Royal Society of Arts) and PwC as a simple, effective and practical way for organisations around the world to focus on their organisation’s values for just one hour.

This year the main theme for World Values Day on 18th October 2018 is putting values into action in the community, and so this year the Values Challenge looks at how the organisation can bring its values to life in the community.

Why are values so important to organisations?
The evidence shows that when organisations have strong values embedded in their culture they perform better and have higher levels of stakeholder engagement and satisfaction.

Research published by PwC highlights that companies with distinctive and aligned cultures are 2 times more successful with execution, and 1.8 times more likely to show higher profitability and growth.

Moreover, consumers are increasingly critical of business practices that do not make a positive contribution to society. It is therefore important for companies to have a clear company story – the why, how and what of their existence. By aligning its own values with those of society, organisations can be powerful forces for positive change.

Please download the Values Guide for Organisations to find out more about what values are, why they are important to organisations, and how to choose your values if you haven’t done so already.

What is the values gap and how to address it?
Most organisations have a clear statement of values. But the reality for many of these is that great sounding values can get trampled on in everyday life. It happens everywhere. There is a gap that grows between how we could live those values and how we actually behave – ‘the values gap’.

Printing out an organisation’s values and only hanging them on the front wall is not enough. The chosen values need to be brought to life and turned into daily habits and behaviours. These habits and behaviours need to extend to all the organisation’s stakeholders, including the communities that it is connected to. This needs consistent effort, constant encouragement, and ownership of the values throughout the whole organisation.

What is the Values Challenge Workshop?
The Values Challenge is a one-hour workshop designed to highlight the importance of values to your organisation and to bring one of those values to life in the community. It won’t close the values gap all by itself, but it can help kick-start the process and help empower ownership of the values throughout the organisation. It challenges us to ask:

  • To what extent are we really living the values of our organisation every day?
  • What practical change – small or large – can we make that would help bring just one of those values to life in a more meaningful way in the community?
  • How can employees commit to one action on a regular basis that will help to close the gap between the values we aspire to and how we actually behave?

The Values Challenge is designed to be easy to organise, highly motivating and effective. We hope you will find it useful, inspiring and enriching.

If your organisation would like to join the Values Challenge please sign up here and receive a free pack of resources which includes all the material and information you will need to run the workshop.

Additional Support

We believe that the Values Challenge pack of resources which you will be sent when you register for the Values Challenge should be enough to enable most organisations to hold the Values Challenge without needing outside help.

However, if your organisation would like additional support to help prepare for and facilitate the Values Challenge session, please contact any of the external facilitators listed below, who are offering to provide that support. The commercial terms would need to be agreed with the facilitator and neither World Values Day nor its organisers can accept any responsibility or liability in relation to or resulting from any such arrangement.  With that caveat, the following have offered their services to anyone looking for external facilitation:

UK Facilitators:

Lindsay West         [email protected]        www.valuescoach.co.uk

Vishal Handa         [email protected]  www.sbicoaching.com

Kathleen Sullivan   [email protected]               www.kscoaching.co.uk

Maggie Strudwick  [email protected]      www.twentytwentyhr.com

Joy Rees               [email protected]

Ruth Steinholtz      [email protected]                    www.aretework.com

Kate Chapman      [email protected] www.midoriconsulting.co.uk  Dorset, Hampshire and Sussex

Karen Mason       [email protected]     www.leadingonpurpose.org.uk  Lancashire

International Facilitators:

Kathy D’Agostino   [email protected]   New York, USA

Marta Chicano      [email protected]    Spain

Natalia Blagoeva  [email protected]    www.eudaimonia.solutions  Switzerland and Bulgaria

Carol Ring   [email protected]     https://carolring.ca/abot/    Ontario, Canada

Webex Facilitator:

Jude Tavanyar      [email protected]


Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to offer your services as a facilitator of Values Challenge sessions, particularly if you are based outside of London, thank you.


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