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Values Challenge for Organisations Resources


Values Challenge Resources

One Hour, One Value, One Change Thank you for registering to take the Values Challenge in support of World Values Day 2021. There are two documents you will need to support you in running the Values Challenge in your Organisation: Firstly, please download the Values Challenge for Organisations Facilitator Manual final update 2021 This provides all the guidance you will need to prepare for, run and follow up your Values Challenge one-hour session. Secondly, please download the Values Challenge for Organisations Slides 2021 final update 17 Aug 2021 You can use these to take your team or organisation step by step through the Values Challenge one-hour session. Feel free to do your own thing – we’d love to hear about it! Our hope is that the materials here give you some inspiration to design and run the Values Challenge in a way which works best for you. If you need any assistance, please contact us at info@worldvaluesday.com