Being Human: Making Connections; Life-Affirming Conversations for Growth


October 20, 2023

2:00 pm



October 20, 2023 3:30 pm


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This is a 90-minute session will be facilitated by CMCCF’s Wisdom of Hope Circle. Our intention is to have a number of conversation rounds, where we will have small group conversations and somatic exercises to foster deeper connections with each other in meaningful ways. The questions we will pose are introspective and reflective in nature to explore our core values. Our intention is that each participant will have the time and safe space to have purposeful small group conversations with two other people.

This will be a space for courageous and brave conversations with others who are interested in digging deep into how they bring their values to connecting with others, and how they can strengthen or hinder their sense of belong and connection with others.

Please join our Wisdom of Hope Circle who are fellow travellers along our shared path who are from Hong Kong, Canada, the U.K., Brazil, Austria and Ukraine.

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Organised by the Coalition of Manitoba Cultural Communities for Families (CMCCF), Wisdom of Hope Circle


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