Finding the gold: Appreciative Inquiry for collective resurgence in healthcare


October 19, 2023

1:00 pm



October 19, 2023 2:30 pm


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This interactive webinar will explore how values alignment is key for healthcare workers to flourish in their workspace, and how misalignment between personal/professional values with those of their organisation can lead to reduced wellbeing, burnout, and impaired ability to offer compassionate care. This is of particular relevance in the context of a system (the NHS) under extreme strain, with healthcare professionals and patients suffering the consequences.

The participants will be introduced to appreciative inquiry (the other AI!) – an asset-based, well-evidenced approach that has been used in the healthcare context to identify core values and strengths in order to generate collaboration, co-creation, and innovative solutions. Participants will have the opportunity to share ‘best experiences’ and in so doing (re)discover their values and what they value in the settings or organisations they work in.

We will then present a short summary of a very popular multidisciplinary event the HVHF ran in July 2023 entitled Rehumanising Healthcare which used appreciative inquiry and creative inquiry. We aim to inspire others to try similar approaches to generate hope, motivation and collective resilience for creating the conditions for transformational change.

Organised by the Human Values in Healthcare Forum.

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