SPECIAL OFFER to take an inventory of your values with the AVI (A Values Inventory). When you do this inventory, you transform your values into conscious priorities.

Insight into your priority values reveals why certain situations or circumstances make your heart sing while others raise walls of frustration. Knowing your values better equips you to take charge of your life and give yourself the best chance of living the life you desire.

The Minessence Group are world leaders in the development and support of values-technologies. The AVI is used internationally by individuals and organisations:
•  To assist in career choices
•  As an adjunct to recruitment processes
•  In organisation wide values programs – reductions in staff turnover of 25% have been reported
•  As an aid to strategic planning, scenario planning and in creating meaningful corporate vision and mission statements
•  By practitioners of ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) and ACCL (Acceptance, Commitment and Conscious Living) – a core component of ACT and ACCL, is the exploration of, and commitment to, one’s values
•  In team building/team development – effective teams are ones where there is diversity of membership bound together by the “glue” of a strongly held set of shared values.
•  In corporate stress reduction programs – it’s amazing how stress levels drop when we are clear about our values and consciously committed to them.

The inventory will take around 30 minutes to do properly, without putting pressure on yourself. The normal cost is $25 (Australian dollars) but World Values Day supporters are offered the opportunity for only $10 (Australian dollars).

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When you reach the AVI Payment Page please enter the discount code WVD2016 and click on SMO to pay for the report.