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Values Challenge for Community Groups

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The Values Challenge

One Hour, One Value, One Change
This one-hour workshop  was developed in 2017 by the UK Values Alliance, in collaboration with the Forward Institute, the RSA (the Royal Society of Arts) and PwC as a simple, effective and practical way for groups and organisations around the world to focus on their values for just one hour.

This year the main theme for World Values Day on 17th October 2019 is putting values into action to enhance wellbeing, and so this year the Values Challenge looks at how community groups can support the wellbeing of their members and stakeholders, and the wellbeing of the group itself,  by improving the practice of values within the group.

Why are values so important to your group?
Whatever kind of group we belong to, whether it is a club, a youth group, a group of volunteers, or maybe a group of friends getting together regularly to share a common interest, it will be based on values. But often those values are held unconsciously, or else taken for granted and forgotten about.

Groups that are clear about their values, where those values are aligned with their members’ values, and where people make a consistent effort to practice those values, will tend to produce a culture which is collaborative and resilient and where members are well motivated, happy and productive.

Groups which don’t consistently practice their values will be less able to stand the stresses and strains that affect any group of individuals who spend time with each other. Whether it’s tackling external problems or internal disputes, or planning ahead, or getting things done – everything is more difficult without shared values to rely upon.

Not sure what your values are? If your group does not have an official set of core values, please download the Values Guide for Community Groups to help you identify the values that are most important to your group.

Values and wellbeing
Members of the group need to feel that their individual values are aligned to the values of the group and also with what they do and experience in the group. When these are in line their wellbeing will be supported and they will be able to engage productively and effectively in the activities of the group. This will have a knock-on effect on the wellbeing and effectiveness of those around them and thus on the collective wellbeing of the whole group.

However, if their own values are not in line with the values of the group and their experience in the group, there will be a negative impact on their wellbeing – they are likely to feel anxiety, stress and unhappiness. This “values distress” will have an impact on their own and other people’s motivation, productivity and retention, and so negatively impact on the wellbeing of the whole group.

How the Values Challenge workshop addresses this year’s World Values Day theme of Values and Wellbeing
The Values Challenge is a one-hour workshop designed to highlight the importance of values to your group and to help bring those values to life. The Values Challenge is designed to be easy to organise, highly motivating and effective. We hope you will find it useful, inspiring and enriching.

This year, the Values Challenge focuses on the importance of putting values into action at work to support and improve the individual wellbeing of employees and stakeholders and the collective wellbeing of the organisation. It does this by focusing first on the individual values of the workshop participants, and then looking at how those values might be better practised in the group environment (of course, our personal values also need to be in alignment with our group’s own values; this important but separate issue has been addressed by the Values Challenge in previous years but is not being specifically addressed this year). It challenges us to ask:

  • To what extent are we really living our values in this group, and what issues are we encountering in doing so?
  • What personal value could we put more effectively into action in our group activities?
  • What specific action can we take with others that will strengthen the practice of that value and so enhance our wellbeing?
  • Can we commit to doing this on World Values Day and beyond?

If your group would like to join the Values Challenge, please sign up by clicking on the Take The Challenge button below and receive a free pack of resources which includes all the material and information you will need to run the workshop.

Or you could take a more informal approach
If you feel that your group would benefit from looking more closely at its values but would prefer something a little less structured, you could follow the spirit of the Values Challenge in a less formal way. Just get the group together on or before World Values Day and do some thinking about the most important values you all share. Then together

  • decide which of those values you think is most important for your local community;
  • think about how you can put that value into action simply, effectively and quickly in that community – for ideas and suggestions on how to do this please download the Values Guide for Community Groups

 Please share what you have done
Please don’t forget to share your experience of the Values Challenge with us and with the world   –  the value you chose, what action you all decided to take, and how the action went by posting on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube or Instagram pages using #WorldValuesDay and @ValuesDay or by emailing us at [email protected]  Use words, photos, video clips. Whatever works best for you.  Find us on Facebook Twitter Instagram and YouTube.

To help you do this you can download the ‘We Value’ template below and fill in your chosen value and the action taken, and then use it in a group selfie.


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