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Albania becomes part of the global values community on World Values Day

On World Values Day, 18th October 2018, at the National Historic Museum in Tirana, the first-ever values event in the history of Albania was held. It was organised by ALVA - Albanian Values and devoted to Albanian National Values with the message "I appreciate my homeland".

How Values Can Support Resilience at Work

Is there such a thing as too much advice? Google “Resilience at Work” and see what you think. We got 63,900,000 results in 0.41 seconds including some really interesting things like Seven Things Resilient Employees Do Differently from Psychology Today

Living your values

Lip service is one of the issues that comes up when we chat to disgruntled employees. Things such as values being used for PR/marketing, but not for the day to day. Constant spouting about diversity and inclusion, with no real evidence, is currently a hot topic.

A Journey of Values and Dialogue

Following on from a revealing taster dialogue session with members of the UK Values Alliance at the end of 2017, we decided that dialogue is an ideal practice to explore, think about and reflect upon personal and shared values.

The Values of a Full Spectrum Community

In this paper, I want to describe the concept of full spectrum consciousness as it applies to a community.  The questions I am attempting to answer are, “What does a full spectrum community look like?” and “What are the dominant values in a full spectrum community?”

Do you value what’s personal to you?

Personal values are unique to every individual and can loosely be described as a set of beliefs or intuitive feelings inside our heads. 

Are our Shared Values Causing a Societal Crisis?

Our values are generally defined as principles or standards of behaviour. They are what we use to help us judge of what is important to us in our lives.

The Top Ten Values of Humanity

Where are we as a human race in terms of our development? What do we value? What levels of consciousness do we mainly operate from?

Get engaged with World Values Day on 18 October 2018

It’s almost time for World Values Day again. This annual campaign has grown massively since the first one was launched in 2016 supported by a few hundred individuals and organisations around the world who were united in their passion for values.