Laura Hyde talk on Schools and Human Values



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How can schools inspire a new generation to live according to the highest human values?

This talk by distinguished educationalist Laura Hyde was given at the recent GCGI / SES Joint Conference “Why Values Matter” at Watersperry House near Oxford from 31 August – 4 September 2016:

 “How might ‘values’ realistically enlighten and guide the quality of life of the next generation as it emerges into adulthood to play its part in an increasingly complex world?

To answer this essential question we will look at what the term ‘values’ really means in an educational context and what the necessary elements are that need to be present in schools in order for them to predominate in an authentic manner.

In a society which is extremely concerned about the emotional and social well-being of its young people yet intensely sceptical of religion and anything so-called ‘spiritual’, it is not surprising that the term ‘values’ has become increasingly popular in various domains and especially in education. Whereas historically, the English educational system relied upon its Christian faith to deliver spiritual and pastoral nourishment, the majority of our schools – which are of course non-denominational – have been in search of a solution to the huge vacuum which has been left. Mindfulness, ‘happiness programmes’ and now ‘values’ education have emerged in the noble attempt to solve the plight of young people who are increasingly ‘at sea’.

But what do we really mean by ‘values’?”  Here is Laura Hyde’s whole talk on values How can schools inspire a new generation to live

Laura Hyde is an experienced educator who is deeply committed to the development of the spiritual and moral aspects of learning in the education system.  In addition to her consultancy practice Laura is currently Director of Education of the three St James Schools and before that was for 19 years Head of St James Senior Girls’ School in London. She has a Masters Degree in educational leadership.