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World Values Day

“We Value…” and “I Value…” templates for World Values Day

Take a selfie using the “We Value…” or “I Value…” template and post it on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram pages using #WorldValuesDay or @ValuesDay to tell everyone what you have done or are going to do to put your value into action for your wellbeing.

Community Dialogue: Bring Your Community Together in a Values-Based Dialogue

Too often the way we communicate pushes us apart rather than bringing us together. Why not bring your community together this World Values Day through a values-based dialogue.

Values Movies for Children and Teens

A list of over 50 excellent movies for children and teens that show values in action. Some are famous but there are many that may be new to you.

The Buzz Word Is Values

This article by Rosemary Dewan, CEO of the Human Values Foundation, talks about the growth of values education in schools as they realise that chasing academic results alone does not produce emotionally balanced, fulfilled and responsible young citizens.