The Buzz Word Is Values



From Twitter

This article by Rosemary Dewan, CEO of the Human Values Foundation, talks about the growth of values education in schools as they realise that chasing academic results alone does not produce emotionally balanced, fulfilled and responsible young citizens. As Aristotle said:

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

If education is to equip and empower young people so that they can flourish and develop the moral muscle needed to live informed, happy, fulfilling lives in our beautiful, dynamic, challenging world, then learners need a blending of academic instruction with the nurturing of life-enriching human qualities. Throughout the world, there is a growing awareness that creating the very best culture in schools for all staff, both teaching and non-teaching, is paramount and that explicit, holistic values education helps to create optimum conditions for learning.

Conscious of the deep need for education that is fit for purpose, there is a growing commitment in schools to put values at the epicentre of their leadership, management and teaching. As with all other entities, be they governments, businesses, schools or families, leaders in education recognise that people’s values convey who they really are, what is important to them, what motivates them and what the causal factors are that drive and underlie their thinking, decision-making and actions.

To see the rest of this insightful article, which was published on the education website Innovate My School in October 2016 click here.