Values-Based Banking Delivers Real Returns



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This report on the power of sustainability-focused banking showing how a group of banks focused on sustainability have demonstrated that a focus on the real economy dedicated to supporting economic, social and environmental impact delivers steady financial returns.

These banks are all members of the Global Banking on Values Alliance (GABV), a growing membership organisation made up of the world’s leading sustainable banks, from Asia, Africa, Latin America to Australia, North America and Europe. Members include microfinance banks in emerging markets, credit unions, community banks and sustainable banks financing social, environmental and cultural enterprises.

Whilst there are differences in their business models, they are all unified by a core set of principles and a belief that a bank’s role, first and foremost, is to serve the needs of people. By practising a contemporary form of traditional banking, rooted in local economies and focused on expert understanding of sustainability sectors, these banks and their clients are laying a path to a new type of economy.
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