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Change Makers – FREE E-BOOK

The stories in this e-book show just what can be done when money is used positively, when the creativity of entrepreneurs is unlocked and when banks are run on a deeply embedded set of principles and values, based on mutual care and respect.

Guide to Transforming Culture in Larger Organisations

This guide to Transforming Culture in Larger Organisations includes case studies, key learnings, and practical exercises to get you started
World Values Day

Values and Wellbeing Slide Deck

Slides showing why we need to listen to Aristotle and achieve true wellbeing by using our core values to live a life “doing what is worth doing”.

Values Guide for Organisations

World Values Day challenges us to think about our organisational values and to act on them.
World Values Day

“We Value…” and “I Value…” templates for World Values Day

Take a selfie using the “We Value…” or “I Value…” template and post it on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram pages using #WorldValuesDay or @ValuesDay to tell everyone what you have done or are going to do to put your value into action for your wellbeing.

Community Dialogue: Bring Your Community Together in a Values-Based Dialogue

Too often the way we communicate pushes us apart rather than bringing us together. Why not bring your community together this World Values Day through a values-based dialogue.