Values Movies for Children and Teens



From Twitter

A list of over 50 excellent movies for children and teens that show values in action. Some are famous but there are many that may be new to you.

The best way of learning is always by experiencing something, rather than by being told it, and watching movies can give us learning experiences in a powerful and concentrated form.  If we choose the right movies, values can come alive in a way that is difficult to match even in real life.

They can show us so clearly why values really matter, what it means to act out our values, and what happens to us when we act against them.

What’s more, learning this way is easy and enjoyable. There are some great movies out there that not only show values in action, but are also beautifully made and acted.

The Human Values Foundation has put together a list of some of the best ones – some of them will be old friends, but some others you may not have heard of.

See the list here.

If you have some of your own favourites that you would like to suggest, please post your thoughts on Facebook: @humanvaluesfoundation or on Twitter: @hvf_values.