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World Values Day 2020 – How did it go?

Our social media campaign this year was a tremendous success.  On Twitter alone, our reach was 75 million people across 67 countries.  Our other social media channels were very active too - in particular LinkedIn, which this year showed record activity both before and on the day.

What we can rely on

Many of us have spent the last six months stressed, anxious, and isolated. Some have had to fight for our lives, and some have lost that fight. 

Mindful cooking: how to introduce values to children during a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted everyone’s needs and made us consider what we really ‘value.’ Now, more than ever, as we assess what is fundamentally important to us, we have an opportunity to explain values to our children and how ‘values literacy’ supports their well-being.

Why Compassion Begins at Home

From people exchanging harsh words online to even hurting each other in public, it goes without saying that the world is becoming a less kind place to live in by the day. With today's current events, it isn't surprising that we found compassion to be the most important value in our Lockdown Values Poll.

Compassion the top value in our Lockdown Values Poll

At our World Values Day Planning Session on 28th April we took a poll of those present to discover what they felt were the three most important values for them during the lockdown so far.

Let’s Celebrate our #ValuesHeroes

By the World Values Day Team, The theme of Values in Action had just been chosen for this year’s World Values Day (15th October) when the coronavirus crisis unexpectedly exploded and confronted us with a life-and-death issue that now threatens every community on the planet.