Rotary’s Local Cultural Values Event in New Zealand – a blueprint for communities around the world



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As one of the oldest global professional networks, The Rotary Club wants to embrace World Values Day 2022 as a way of showcasing the values-driven networks they have established in local towns and cities across the world.

Rotary Club of Tauranga is leading the charge and wants to shine a light on how its membership connects with New Zealand’s indigenous Māori culture, diverse community groups in our community, youth and schools.

Given this year’s World Values Day theme is Values for Community, Tauranga Rotary believes that running this event annually provides Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty with the opportunity to showcase the best of what our communities stand for.

This will be showcased as a morning event which will celebrate the start of World Values Day on 20th October. It will take place at the local Yacht Club, which has a prime view of sunrise over Mount Maunganui. Rotary Tauranga will invite other Rotarians and members of the public to listen to representatives of some local community groups to talk about how they put their values into practice, and some of the challenges they have faced in doing so.

Te Kura o Maungatapu Kapa Haka Group will open the day again as they did for the similar event held on World Values Day last year.  During the event pre-recorded interviews will be presented from local community groups and schools with their messages of values.

This year we are asking two specific questions of our participants:

Which value do you cherish most in your community, and how can Global Leaders adopt this value and learn from your community?

The answers will be presented to the Values 20 committee, which is working with World Values Day to inform the G20 Leaders’ Summit on how to embed values in their global policy decision-making process. The summit takes place a week or so after World Values Day in Bali, Indonesia later this year.

Why not run a local cultural values event for your own local community?

If you are a values-based community-centred organisation you can use this event as a template for your own wherever you are in the world.  You can request the Event Planning Document which the Rotary team is using to manage the event, and it will show you how your group can also engage with local indigenous and cultural groups and celebrate local cultural values in your own community.

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Please email us at if you would like to explore setting up your own event.