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The Little book of Flourishing is free to download and share with others. It was written by Wendy Ellyatt in 2018 to help people understand the foundations of wellbeing (i.e. what shapes our values and mindsets).  Values stand at the very core of human decision-making. How they are created and the ways in which they reflect our understanding of the world are fundamental to how we feel about ourselves and relate to others.

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If you are interested in the work of the Flourish Project we will be developing training courses for parents, teachers and health-workers in early 2019 – just join our email list and we will let you know when they become available.

Everyone deserves to Flourish!

More about the Flourish Project

The Flourish Project introduces a new ecological model for understanding and promoting human wellbeing and resilience. It provides a unique way of helping to understand the needs of children and adults and linking these to the assets and resources within local communities so that everyone can flourish. It confirms the vital importance of the early years and how childhood experiences shape the kind of people we later become. Above all, it underpins the call for a more caring and compassionate world.

The services we offer are consultancy, training and facilitation with a focus on large scale social and systems change. As a new initiative, we are actively looking for collaborative partners who would like to help us further develop our ideas.  

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