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World Values Day

“We Value…” and “I Value…” templates for World Values Day

Take a selfie using the “We Value…” or “I Value…” template and post it on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram pages using #WorldValuesDay or @ValuesDay to tell everyone what you have done or are going to do to put your value into action for your wellbeing.

Community Dialogue: Bring Your Community Together in a Values-Based Dialogue

Too often the way we communicate pushes us apart rather than bringing us together. Why not bring your community together this World Values Day through a values-based dialogue.

Valuing Equality Report

A report from the Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC), commissioned by Equinet.

Social Media Toolkit

Download our Social Media toolkit! To make a big impact for this first World Values Day, we’re going to need as much help as possible from all our supporters.