Values and Wellbeing – An Interview with Prof Tim Kasser

The theme of World Values Day 2019 is ‘Values and Wellbeing’, but why is the link between values and wellbeing so important? Ahead of World Values Day on 17th October, Alan Williams, Global Values Alliance and UK Values Alliance, speaks to Professor Tim Kasser to find out.

Tim Kasser is an American psychologist and book author known for his work on materialism and well-being.

To learn more Professor Tim Kasser’s work visit:

And here’s another great video on “The High Price of Materialism”:


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Canadian psychoanalyst and management consultant, Elliot Jaques, was one of the first to recognise the importance of values in organisations.  Since then many academics and practitioners have identified the importance of values, devised tools and models to calculate and describe them, and more recently, marketing professionals have considered articulation of brand values as essential. It’s increasingly recognised that brands are no longer owned and controlled by the organisations who have the copyright of the trademark of the brand, brands are defined by all stakeholders, those who feel they share a sense of the values the brand represents to them. 

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