Category: World Values Day 2021

Reconnect With Nature

The global pandemic and climate change has made it very clear: WE ARE (an intrinsic part of) NATURE.

Take a Photo in Nature

This unique activity is specifically aimed at Bloggers or Influencers. However, anyone can participate if you don’t mind your photo and words being published in a public forum.

The Value of Volunteering

We are inviting organizations who value volunteerism to RECONNECT to their communities through volunteering for a positive impact.

Katrina Ramage on finding her values

Anna McAfee, co-founder of #LinkedInLocal and author of ‘How a Hashtag Changed the World’, talks to social entrepreneur and World Values Day Global Ambassador Katrina Ramage about finding her values

Reconnect With Nature

Let’s be honest. COVID-19 has made us feel pretty uncomfortable. The pandemic has had a profound impact on all of us, in so many ways.

Global Poetry Showcase Launch

Many people from different parts of the world have helped to develop the Global Poetry Showcase initiative and it has just been launched.

Official Supporter

You can now demonstrate your support of World Values Day and spread awareness of the World Values Day event/campaign by signing up as an OFFICAL SUPPORTER.

Valuesjam Update

It is our ambition to inspire one million values-led conversations with the playful ValuesJam card game to create harmony all over the world.