Category: World Values Day 2019

A Values Driven NHS

At the Nuffield Trust Summit in the early part of this decade, a gathering of  national policy leaders in health and care that takes places each year, I was asked to speak on a panel about innovation. I was sat with a selection of other front line Chief Executives.

Driving Businesses from Values: VALUES CREATE VALUE (and higher profits)

Management often does not realize that values indeed create value for all stakeholders and essentially increase shareholder wealth. Raj Sisodia, David Wolfe and Jag Sheth, in their book “Firms of Endearment” demonstrate the power of values and caring for enduring business success.

A 20:20 vision for wellness in the workplace

Facilities management is a critical business support discipline, yet it has historically been too often about assisting organisations by delivering services that reduce bottom-line costs.

3 simple techniques for powering values-driven action and boosting your wellbeing  

Managing the mind-body connection is a powerful factor in creating a life full of wellbeing. However, a mindfulness practice on its own may be a necessary but insufficient step to achieving the wellbeing we seek. 

Re-purposing corporate purpose

You may not have heard about it, but maximising shareholder value is no longer the stated purpose of the corporate world.  In August 2019, the ‘Business Roundtable’ (BR) changed its purpose statement to a much more balanced definition of corporate purpose to include customers, suppliers and employees.

“Start with why” is bad advice

In his seminal TED talk, author Simon Sinek offers a simple, compelling framework to explain how the best companies, and leaders, "think, act and communicate."

Piracy – black hearted or wholehearted?

So what can you do when it feels like no one is listening and everything in the system is stacked against you? Well for hundreds of people living in the 1700’s the answer was – turn pirate!

Seeds of wellbeing

A simple mathematical model based on human values shows that small actions based on right thought and right knowledge lead to lasting happiness.

Values and Wellbeing – An Interview with Prof Tim Kasser

The theme of World Values Day 2019 is ‘Values and Wellbeing’, but why is the link between values and wellbeing so important? Ahead of World Values Day on 17th October, Alan Williams, Global Values Alliance and UK Values Alliance, speaks to Professor Tim Kasser to find out.

How values are linked to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

This year, World Values Day will be making the crucial link between values and wellbeing – for people and the planet. Mad World is dedicated to making a difference to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace (the graphic above sums up what we are about).