Global Poetry Showcase Launch

Global Poetry Showcase

Many people from different parts of the world have helped to develop the Global Poetry Showcase initiative and it has just been launched at

It is an opportunity for people in communities all over the world to express thoughts, feelings, wishes and dreams about how we can ‘recover’ from the pandemic period.

Join with others in your community (school, club, company, street, village, church, group etc) to apply your creative energy into poetic words, art, movement or sound – in written, performed or digital formats.

The theme is reCONNECTING with VALUES

Just express yourself in poetry!

This inclusive, community-based event starts now. It culminates with World Values Day 2021 celebrations in October and continues forward for a year. It is a Showcase rather than a competition so please strive to include people from all backgrounds and groups as well as providing relevant assistance where needed – this guide might help.

You can help/support in a number of ways:

  • Encourage a community to join in the Global Poetry Showcase

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