Reconnect With Nature

Let’s be honest. COVID-19 has made us feel pretty uncomfortable. The pandemic has had a profound impact on all of us, in so many ways. Being connected with ourselves, with our community and with what surrounds us/our natural world helped us stay healthy pre-COVID. These connections have suffered due to the pandemic and need to be rebuilt – whether we have vaccines or not. That’s why the theme for this year’s World Values Day is Reconnecting.

The global initiative I am leading within the overall Reconnecting theme is titled Reconnect with Nature.

Pre-COVID, we (humans) often acted as if we were disconnected from Nature. We took its abundance for granted. But nature is LIFE, and life is fragile. The global pandemic has made it very clear: WE ARE (an intrinsic part of) NATURE.

As such, the Reconnect with Nature initiative aims to encourage individuals, communities and organizations to reflect on how we value Nature and demonstrate our values through action.

If Nature is important to you, how can and would you like to reconnect with it – both as an individual and as a community

We are currently looking for resources and nature-based events during October that will support the initiative. Please send me your ideas at

Many thanks!
Paul Ryken
Leader of Reconnect With Nature Initiative for World Values Day


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